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"these girls pose a grave and gathering threat - to your pants!"

hee hee hee.

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I loved it so much!

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Arrr! It pleases me that you're loving my Punk link!
I have to ask... how cacophonic is it in the house at the moment?

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It was pretty noisy for a while, yes. =)

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Oooo... I've come across something that could be of interest to an Erinaceidae lover such as yourself...

Snurfle yourself a hedgehog mini-icon (for LJ usage) here. Nav to bottom of page...

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Finally! I saw that page ages ago and it was hedgehog-less, which, if you ask me, is near-useless.
Thanks, Stan!!!!!

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Ahaha!! That punk machine link is great.

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I thought you'd like it.