prosicated: (consternation)
prosicated ([personal profile] prosicated) wrote2003-11-11 04:24 pm

Because actual updates are still beyond me

** **
Stop falling, you rain.
Stripey blue socks with no shoes
and you don't mix well.
Goat cheese for each meal,
with apples and stale baguette,
make a happy Meg.

This job is a game,
Pretend to be smarter, yes,
but be a monkey.
My trolley lurches,
small girl sings nonsense to me,
birthday balloon bobs.
He's a carpenter,
not a help desk guy, he says.
Don't tell his day job.
Grad school apps loom big
but there are movies to watch
and boyfriend to hug.
Not NaNoWriMo,
These words will decide my life.
No wonder they freeze.
Reading Naked Ape
Like watching football, I curse
the stupid ideas.
When brunch takes all day,
and migraine pills clench my teeth,
my Sunday is gone.
I can't remember
When last I called my parents.
No guilt, just a void.
Coworkers tease me:
Am I from New York because
I wear only black?
Left S.F. days back.
Didn't leave my heart, but I
left my best friend there.
Counting syllables
Makes me forget what I say,
I'm more free this way.
Form follows function?
Not in a haiku, my friend,
form counts out my words.
Doot doo doo de doo
Tra la la la tra la la
I've no sense of time,
I may cave and buy a watch.
I am yuppie scum.
When was the last time
I read a damned newspaper?
I almost miss news.
I'm so sorry I
haven't been in touch with you.
Which you? All of you.

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