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Blog Moment: Museum-Quality Art & Performance Anthropology

Wooser Collective: Banksy Hits New York's Most Famous Museums
Wooster Collective: Outtakes from the NYTimes Article
Cool Hunting: Banksy hits NYC
Banksy: Current Exhibitions
NYTimes: Need Talent to Exhibit in Museums? Not This Prankster

Banksy installed art in:
The Met's American Painting Wing: "You Have Beautiful Eyes"
MoMA's 3rd Floor: "Discount Soup Can"
Brooklyn Museum of Art's Historical Painting Wing: "Give Peace a Chance"
Museum of Natural History's Hall of Bio Diversity: "Withus Oragainstus"

Banksy, a fictional character and public artist, dressed as a harmless old gent, carried his art and signage into 4 major New York City museums, and hung his works on the wall. This work was documented by a collaborator with a camera, and it appears that he encountered no trouble. As of yesterday afternoon, only the pieces at the Met and MoMA had been removed, though I expect the other ones will be down quickly as news of this spreads.

(Wooster Collective has an RSS feed on LJ, for those of you who are interested, at [ profile] woosterfeed, and Cool Hunting is also a feed, at [ profile] joshrubin_feed.)

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