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prosicated ([personal profile] prosicated) wrote2006-11-18 02:55 pm

Calamity & a Request for Reviews

So I got up this morning, and my beloved 2 year old Powerbook was making rather an odd noise. I shut it off, let it sit about 15 minutes and then tried to restart it. It hung & wouldn't boot, so I turned it off again & went about my day, checking my email and such on Ry's machine.
By 9am (1.5 hours later), I was anxious about my computer and woke Ry so that we could head to the Genius bar. We killed time until my appointment by looking at cell phones, as mine is dead. Sadly, not only my cell phone is dead.
Along comes my appointment, where we discovered that my laptop is dead. Well, to be exact, the poor genius was forced to decalre "your hard drive is eating itself," which made me picture some horrible apocalyptic ouroborous of sinewy computer pieces slowly circling itself, devouring itself as it dances.

Ensue freakout.

Anyway, they recommended 3 different places to get one's data (precious school files! Not backed up for lo these many moons (like, a year, I am SO going to hell!)), and Ry & I got it down to 2: OnTrack & Drive Savers that I might use. I have a quote from Drive Savers (up to $3500 depending on success level!) and am awaiting one from OnTrack.

So, my Mac-friendly friends, which one of these data recovery companies have you been happiest with, OnTrack or Drive Savers? Any recommendations? (Other than, you know, not being a dolt & backing up my files more than once a year?)

This HAD to happen right before finals, right before I go away for a week, and right after a month where I didn't email anyone any of my work because I was being too depressed about it. This HAD to happen this year, losing my precious draft reading list for comps, my draft dissertation proposals, my research for a few final papers, and everything else I've been working on. I'd cry over losing my bookmarks, I can't imagine losing my documents.

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