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prosicated ([personal profile] prosicated) wrote2004-08-12 09:34 am

Land of the frozen bean

As of Tuesday evening, Ry and I live in Cambridge, MA.
As of yesterday evening, Ry's felt like he's home: we have a net connection.
As of this morning, I feel like I'm home: I made my first cup of tea.

("Home" in no way precludes the intense feelings of being misplaced, missing badgerhaus denizens, or Philadelphia.)

More to follow, when the computer isn't one of Ry's, balanced precariously on a bookshelf amidst a pile of empty boxes, cables, wires, extension cords, and blinking lights on a myriad of modems, routers, phones, etc.

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congratulations on your move!! and good luck getting settled in (physically and emotionally)

[identity profile] 2004-08-12 06:50 am (UTC)(link)
Dinner's on me... at some point, anyway.

Welcome. ^_^

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good to hear you're finding it like home (away from).

take naps!

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*hugs you*

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cambridge is pretty.

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Welcome to MA!

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As of right now, I think you both are smashing and hope everything gets settled away well! :)
*ridiculous hugs and kisses*

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i thought you said you were leaving on the 10th, not the 9th...and you never said goodbye. :(

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Dude, I'm away this weekend, but as soon as I get back, we're hangin' out, 'kay? And then we will teach you to love and appreciate the wonders of this most-fabulous city, and thus make it hoooooooome. And I will pester you with questions about the GRE, which I can only assume you have taken.

And it occurs to me that if you haven't read your friends list, you may have no earthly idea who I am. *giggle* But you're a smaht girl, I have confidence that you'll figure it out.

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we miss you too, o curtle-badger (badger-pine?). but i am glad you have made your inaugural cup of tea.

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can't wait to see your new place
and showing you all the best thai in boston ;)