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Blog Moment: Ninja Robs Gas Station in Norway

Aftenposten reports a sword-wielding, knife-bearing foreigner dressed like a ninja stole cash from a gas station and made his getaway on a bicycle.

Now there's performance anthropology.

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this will make Mikey soooo happy.

now, did the ninja also deftly wield slapbracelets? because then i'd have to crap my pants, i think....

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I suspect authorities are keeping the slapbracelets out of the media for the obvious reason that they fear copycat ninjas across the world.

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i see.

you know, Ry started it.

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He's a dangerous fellow. Maybe I should restrain him, too... (IN BED!)

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i have some silk stockings that'll do the trick.

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Do they also go woo-pah?

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that's what mikey says...
you know. at that critical moment.


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I am trying very hard not to fall off my chair with suppressed laughter right now. *glee*

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i can't wait to be ensconced in my cinderblock-walled office at Temple for such times as this: shut the door, laugh out loud.

*evil grin*

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wahoo!! cinderblock walls, eh? that's pretty spiffy. Do you get prison-issue librarian uniform, too?

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i'm going from posh asshatry to university rations.

but hey, it IS a newer remodelled building and there's a cool looking cafe in the lobby...

the uniform, by the way, stays at home bedside for afterhours reference questions.

*oh, she's a randy one today*

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That may be the best faux-TMI ever. You win an award, to be named at a later date.

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yeah, it's got to be something i ate.

maybe the combination of fruity pebbles and lucky charms this morning?
or the seemingly well-baked piece of bread, except when you bite into it, the center is still gooey and not in a good way, that i had last night....

yeah, something's off-kilter.

or, maybe it's the NEW JOB.
ya think?


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i wonder if it's the same ninja who tried to kick my ass on my own turf in high school.

oh, my perpetual nemesis, how you've disappointed me!

i don't know if you've ever heard that particular shimon legend.

Re: hey...

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You're alive! Tell me the legend!

Re: hey...

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i lived in a bad neighborhood. a ninja vigilante was walking the streets, trying to take down drug dealers. i felt as though this was wrong, so i tried to stop him one night, sort of an anti-vigilante vigilante. he retaliated with a bag of ball bearings.

i shit you not.

there is more, but i'm afraid i'm out of juice. give me a call sometime and i'll tell you the full story.
you have yet to hear the midget story, and i'm surprised that k hasn't told you about that (it's a damn good story.)

oh, wait...

[identity profile] 2004-03-26 05:49 pm (UTC)(link) suddenly occurred to me that the only bike that could really kick up enough juice to blaze out of a gas station without stalling would be a kawasaki ninja.